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Mirror insulation Sleeve

Mirror insulation Sleeve

Product Details

Removable instrument insulation Sleeve product Characteristics:
1. Protection of workers ' health
Alkali-free glass fiber itself has strong tensile strength, will not wrinkle, vulcanization, non-smoking halogen-free, pure oxygen non-flammable, insulation good characteristics, and then by organic silicone curing, more enhance its performance, effectively protect the health of workers, reduce the incidence of occupational diseases. Unlike asbestos products, it is extremely harmful.
2, high temperature resistance superior performance
RemovableGate Valve InsulationSetsThe silicone structure contains both "organic group" and "inorganic structure", and this special composition and molecular structure make it a combination of organic properties and inorganic functions. Compared with other polymer materials, it is characterized by high temperature resistance. With silicon-oxygen (si-o) key as the main chain structure, c-c key can be 82.6 kilocalories/g molecule, Si-o key can be 121,000 card/g molecule in silicone, so its high thermal performance, high temperature (or radiation exposure) molecular chemical bonds do not break, do not decompose. Silicones are resistant not only to high temperatures, but also to low temperatures, allowing them to be made within a wide temperature range. Whether it is chemical properties or physical mechanical properties, with temperature changes are very small.


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