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Trap Insulation Sleeve

Trap Insulation Sleeve

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Anti-Splash, multiple protection
In the smelting industry, the medium temperature in the electric furnace is very high, easy to cause high temperature splash (the welding industry is also the case), cooling solidification in the pipe or cable to form slag, will make the pipe or cable layer rubber hardening, and brittle rupture, which will damage unprotected equipment and cables, after multi-channel silicone coatedCut-off valve insulation sleeve, can have multiple protection, temperature resistance can be up to 1300 degrees Celsius, can effectively block molten iron, molten copper, molten aluminum and other high-temperature melt splash, to prevent the surrounding cables and equipment damaged, reduce economic losses.
Thermal insulation, energy saving, radiation resistance
In the high temperature workshop, many pipes, valves or equipment, its internal temperature is very high, do not protect the material, easy to make people burn or heat loss and so on. High temperature resistant insulation sleeve has better heat resistance than other polymer materials, as well as irradiation and thermal insulation, to prevent accidents, energy consumption, but also to prevent the valve pipe in the media heat directly transferred to the surrounding and so that the workshop temperature is too high, greatly saving cooling costs.


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