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Liquid level meter insulation sleeve

Liquid level meter insulation sleeve

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1, construction should avoid the immersion of groundwater and rainwater, if the end of the head accidentally immersed in water, connect the coat should do drying treatment.

2, pipe should be stored in a flat site, neatly placed, the height of the placement should be less than 1.5 meters.

3, pipe hoisting in light, no collision, toss, disable the wire rope straight hanging pipe body.

4,Pipeline insulation Sleeveand anticorrosive layer should avoid direct flame contact. field installation needs to follow the following steps: Pipe trench excavation-substrate treatment (drainage, pad sand)-lower tube-steel pipe welding-inspection (water pressure)-installation (test pressure)-foaming-sealing bubble hole. Elbow, joint installation can send personnel to the project site for joint insulation work, including the installation of external casing of the joint, the connection and sealing of the external casing and the supervisor, as well as the foaming work of the field joints, excluding the welding work of the joint parts of the steel pipe.


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