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section to teach you how to choose the right valve pipe insulation sleeve
- 2018-12-03-

Choose a suitable insulation sleeve first to look at the insulation sleeve will be used in what kind of environment, working conditions and temperature requirements to have a clear description, according to the needs of the choice. Here are a few ways to choose:

According to the market reputation to choose, now there are many uneven manufacturers in the market, we pay attention to the insulation sleeve when we should pay attention to the various manufacturers, screening out the credibility of the higher manufacturers.

According to the price to choose is also a very common way, the so-called shop around, price to do a comparison, we also have a further understanding of the product, so as to select the cost-effective manufacturers.

In our daily life sometimes encounter such a situation: The big winter, the cold, the water has not been used, it is very annoying. This is because the weather is cold, the ambient temperature is too low, the pipe is frozen, the water can not flow, can not supply water. So then it is necessary to give the pipeline insulation, but this is not enough, we not only want to give the pipeline insulation, but also need to use the valve insulation sleeve to the valve insulation, in order to the pipeline for the whole process of insulation, insulation more thorough.
Valve insulation Sleeve According to the specific shape of the valve and its use of the environment, after careful design, mapping, through a special process made. It is currently high-end piping, equipment insulation materials. It can be used at different temperatures, different shapes of pipes and a variety of hot and cold equipment insulation. For the regular disassembly, maintenance, cleaning of the pipe valve equipment is particularly practical. Its comprehensive economic benefits are good, is the ideal choice for industrial energy saving insulation.

Winter has arrived, outdoor temperature is getting lower, which is very damaging for the valve in the working state, in order to protect the valve not because the temperature difference is damaged, for the valve installation detachable insulation clothing is an important process. Removable insulation clothing can be divided into many kinds, each can be different degrees of protection valve without damage. Today, we will introduce you to different kinds of detachable insulation clothes.
Yasunei temperature-type removable insulation clothing, can effectively make the internal heat energy does not produce heat exchange with the outside world. To ensure the necessary temperature for production, so that the internal heat is used to a large extent, to achieve the purpose of energy saving.
Antifreeze type removable insulation clothing, can prevent external low temperature impact on the internal operating temperature of the insulation body. Mainly used in pipelines, equipment, instrumentation, instruments of antifreeze and process stability.
Low temperature cooling type removable insulation clothing, can prevent external high temperature transfer to the low temperature cooling zone.
With thermal insulation type removable insulation clothing, in order to meet the production process conditions or prevent low temperature antifreeze, the need for equipment, pipelines and other active supply of heat source heating, at the same time need to insulation clothing, and maintain a certain temperature, so as to meet the needs of the process, equipment operating temperature.

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