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What are the types of electric heating insulation sleeves?
- 2018-12-03-

Electric heating Insulation SleeveThe use of high and low temperature resistance, fire insulation materials, with lining, intermediate insulation layer, external protective layer three layers composed; electric heating sleeve according to the specific shape of the pipe or equipment and its use environment, after careful design, mapping, through a special process made. It is currently high-end piping, equipment insulation materials. It can be used at different temperatures, different shapes of pipes and a variety of hot and cold equipment insulation. It is especially practical for piping equipment to be disassembled, repaired and cleaned frequently. Its comprehensive economic benefits are good. is the ideal choice for industrial energy saving insulation!

Main categories:

1, to protect the temperature type: to protect the "internal temperature of the insulation body", so that the internal heat energy does not produce heat exchange (convection, radiation, transmission) with the outside world. To ensure the necessary temperature for production, so that the internal heat is more limited use, to achieve energy-saving purposes.

2, anti-external thermal radiation type: To prevent strong external heat radiation, so that external heat can not be transmitted to the inside of the insulation body, affecting the normal operating temperature of the insulation body, and even damage equipment, parts, instrumentation and so on.

3, Antifreeze type: To prevent external low temperature impact on the internal operating temperature of the insulation body. Mainly used in pipelines, equipment, instrumentation, instruments of antifreeze and process stability, the materials used and the form of insulation clothing according to the site requirements.

4, low temperature cooling type: To prevent external high temperature transfer to the low temperature cooling zone.

Electric heating insulation sleeve is suitable for all kinds of pipes, equipment insulation, is the ideal pipe equipment insulation materials! such as pipes, elbows, flanges, valves, mirrors, three links, chemical reactors, equipment, thermal power turbine sets, seals, pumps, steel mills and other high-temperature environment of the instrument box, heat exchanger, engine exhaust pipe and other special-shaped parts.

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