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What to pay attention to when installing the gate valve insulation sleeve
- 2018-12-03-

Insulation sleeve is often used in the construction industry insulation construction equipment, as a specially provide insulation information enterprises, our company constantly strive to insulation sets of R & amp; d, production and sales, Shanghai Festival for New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. talking about installationGate Valve Insulation SleeveWhat you need to pay attention to when

Device insulation sleeve, we are essential to use the control box, and the control box of the good placement is boring in the center. In order to ensure that the construction personnel are convenient to use the installation site, we should not only ensure that the hood cover-up device, but also equipped with a suitable socket connecting hole. However, it should be noted that in the execution of this operation, we need to pay attention to whether the interface can have liquid overflow into the circle or the appearance of objects falling from above the accident. Normally, we cover up the insulation sleeve device on the hood so that the outside surface is clean and boring. and the device insulation sleeve at the time, we should cover up the filter cartridge in place at once, and to wrap it tightly, but also to ensure that two interfaces on it and the consolidation of the package. At the time of connecting the power cord, we should select the appropriate temperature on the operation button of the controller. Then to maintain the conductivity line, once the electrical wire is damaged, will be part of the burnout or short circuit situation.

Removable insulation sleeve is the use of special insulation data manufacturing, although manufacturing data and so on to make it less contact with the outside world, but the storage should still pay attention to do a good job of insulation clothing moisture-proof work, storage warehouse can not have obvious water and water stains, but also to stop the insulation sleeve stacked in the air, should be placed in the box, Avoid the moisture in the air affecting its storage.

Fire protection is another storage note for removable insulation sleeves. After all, the insulation sleeve is the use of cloth to stop processing and manufacturing, the warehouse to do a good job of fire prevention measures is necessary. In addition, workers in stacking insulation clothes, to pay attention to the air can not have sharp things, such as knives, such as wire compared to fine wire also to stop the presentation, to avoid scratching the insulation sleeve, reduce its thermal insulation performance.

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