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Gate Valve Insulation sleeve can only be used in winter?
- 2018-12-03-

The low temperature in winter makes the operation of many machinery and equipment a difficult problem, and the production efficiency of manufacturers is also forced to decline. ThenGate Valve Insulation SleeveInto people's vision, and get reused. Many friends ask questions, insulation covers can only be used in winter?

Removable insulation sleeve is an efficient and energy-saving production facilities, because of its low construction costs, good insulation effect and other characteristics, almost become the focus of many production workshop products. Choosing the right removable insulation sleeve is critical.

For this issue, the manufacturer's answer is negative, that is, the gate valve insulation sleeve is not only used in winter, any season can use insulation sleeve. The reason why the use of insulation sleeve in winter is because the low temperature in winter so that many equipment can not function properly, so manufacturers in advance to open the equipment preheating, to reach the standard temperature after wrapping insulation sleeve and officially began production, this is the main role of insulation sleeve in production.

However, not all devices need to operate in a warm environment, and some devices need to be operated and produced in a cryogenic environment. For such a device, you can also use the removable insulation sleeve produced by our company. After the equipment drops to low temperature, wrap the equipment with a insulation sleeve to prevent the external high temperature from affecting the temperature of the equipment, the same can ensure the normal operation of the equipment. So, insulation clothes are not only used in winter.

Removable insulation sleeve is high-end insulation material. Widely used in petrochemical, chemical engineering, spinning, metallurgy, electric power, construction, kiln, paper, pharmaceutical, marine and other fields of thermal equipment and a variety of pipelines, HVAC and refrigeration devices. It is suitable for all kinds of pipes, equipment insulation, is the ideal pipe and equipment insulation materials!

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