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Electric heating insulation sleeve selection of the right not to choose the expensive
- 2018-12-25-

  Electric heating Insulation SleeveChoose the right not to choose expensive, Shanghai Festival for New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in high-temperature insulation product production and research and development enterprises, with special detachable insulation sleeve, high-temperature insulation plate, special insulation insulation project, for all kinds of thermoelectric, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, plastic industry and other factory customers, from the source, process, Recycling and other links for energy-saving engineering research and development.

Shanghai Festival for New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. production of electric heating insulation sleeve (insulation, insulation clothing) is now high-end pipeline, equipment insulation materials, widely used in petrochemical, chemical engineering, spinning, metallurgy, electric power, construction, kiln, paper, pharmaceutical, marine, tire and other fields of thermal equipment and a variety of pipelines, HVAC and refrigeration units. It is suitable for all kinds of pipes, equipment insulation, is the ideal pipe equipment insulation materials! such as pipes, elbows, flanges, valves, mirrors, three links, chemical reactors, equipment, thermal power turbine sets, seals, pumps, steel mills and other high-temperature environment of the instrument box, heat exchanger, engine exhaust pipe and other special-shaped parts.

The primary category of electric heating insulation sleeve:

1, to protect the temperature type: to protect the "internal temperature of the insulation body", so that the internal thermal energy is not good outside the external heat exchange (convection, radiation, transmission). To ensure the production of the necessary temperature, so that the internal heat to get the use of zui large limit, to reach the intention of energy saving.

2, anti-external thermal radiation type: To prevent strong external heat radiation, so that external heat can not be transmitted to the inside of the insulation body, affecting the normal operating temperature of the insulation body, and even harm equipment, parts, instrumentation and so on.

3, Antifreeze type: To prevent external low temperature impact on the internal operating temperature of the insulation body. The first is used for piping, equipment, instrumentation, equipment antifreeze and process stability, the materials used and the way of insulation clothing according to the site requirements.

4, low temperature cooling type: To prevent external high temperature transfer to the low temperature cooling zone.

Insulation sleeve, electric heating flexible insulation sleeve application (drt-r) Precautions:

1, installation, disassembly should be in the direction of opening slowly, not rough operation!

2. Do not touch the object with the hook thorn, so as not to pierce the insulation sleeve

  Electric heating Insulation SleeveChoose the right not to choose expensive, festival for the company's core products: Valve pipe insulation sleeve, electric heating insulation sleeve, pipe insulation sleeve, etc., has been successfully used in chemical, food, energy, plastic rubber products, steel structure engineering, civil construction, textile, electronics, smelting, etc., to save users up to more than 50% of the comprehensive operating costs (electricity costs + Equipment failure Cost + equipment maintenance cost + Equipment Update cost + system capacity increase cost), access to the user's universal recognition and praise.

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