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Why electric heating insulation sleeve is used for insulation of pipe valves
- 2018-12-03-

We all know that the shape of the valve pipe is comparable to the outstanding, so want to heat the ordinary insulation equipment can not achieve a complete fit, insulation performance is not good.Electric heating Insulation SleeveThe softness is more compact in structure and separated from the insulated equipment, which does not produce thermal convection, thus making the insulation effect better.

Gloss, leveling, aesthetics, long service life, rain prevention, acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging, soft, disassembly bento, removable special-shaped valve insulation sheath characteristics, insulation fruit good, appearance of beautiful maintenance layer composite structure, insulation layer thickness and material using fit thermal conductivity design request, due to good adiabatic performance, improve the thermal efficiency of the equipment.

Beautiful, on the other hand, the construction and insulation of the equipment separated more compact, does not produce thermal convection, so that the insulation effect is better. Easy disassembly, convenient maintenance, reusable, long life, detachable insulation shell product design structure for multi-piece assembly with adjustable fast buckle connection knot Lin, so in the equipment maintenance is very easy to disassemble.

Since each piece is relatively independent and can be used repeatedly, the product ensures 10-15 years of application and long service life. And the traditional insulation products in each overhaul will be damaged, can only be used at once.

The device is convenient, does not have to work in the field, does not affect the equipment operation and the operation, the economic benefit many discerning assembles the fast buckle connection construction, provides the great convenience for the installation construction, makes the device more convenient, can greatly save the equipment maintenance time, thus advances the equipment application rate, brings the better economic benefit. Because of the detachable insulation shell using a number of assembly, can be adjusted fast buckle or too high temperature magic sticker connection structure, so in the maintenance does not need to destroy the removal, can complete the rapid disassembly, does not affect the normal operation of the equipment.

Reasonable construction, conducive to the safe operation of the equipment heat equipment in operation will shrink due to heat, the insulation product has a good elasticity and can be adjusted, can stop the shrinkage compensation. Will not be out of the traditional insulation products due to shrinkage caused by the cracking of the insulation surface layer, and then affect the insulation performance of the equipment. Removable special-shaped valve insulation sheath advantage is conducive to the standard production of equipment.

Electric heating insulation sleeve is for hoses, bellows, stainless steel pipe and other flexible piping design and development of the heating sleeve, internal and external layers are flame-retardant high-temperature data, heating sleeve internal average layout heating elements to ensure the overall heat dispersion average, with the basis of the use of pipe size to stop customization, the device is very convenient and fast, Because the heating sleeve is a detachable way to wrap the pipe, change the heating sleeve without changing the disassembly pipeline, to prevent the formation of frequent change of pipeline cost and prevent the change of pipeline formation of the time loss and equipment parking maintenance losses. The heating sleeve will heat the whole pipeline, including the local complete package of the joint, and will not present the phenomenon of infarction.

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