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What are the advantages of removable valve pipe insulation sleeve
- 2018-12-03-

Shanghai Festival for New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in high-temperature insulation product production and research and development enterprises, with special detachable insulation sleeve, high-temperature insulation plate, special insulation insulation project, for all kinds of thermoelectric, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, plastic industry and other factory customers, from the source, process, recycling and other aspects of energy-saving engineering research and development

Festival for the company's core products: Valve pipe insulation sleeve, electric heating insulation sleeve, pipe insulation sleeve, etc., has been successfully used in chemical, food, energy, plastic rubber products, steel structure engineering, civil construction, textile, electronics, smelting and so on, to save users up to more than 50% of the comprehensive operating costs (electricity cost + equipment failure Cost + Equipment maintenance cost + Equipment Update cost + system capacity increase cost), access to the user's universal recognition and praise. section for the company to produce detachableValve Pipe Insulation SleeveWhat are the advantages? Now, let me tell you about it.

1, power saving: Through the first-line test of the average power saving rate of this product are 20%-35%. Its economic benefits are remarkable, can reduce unnecessary expenses for enterprises. Directly for enterprises to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs, improve competitiveness. It is estimated that only one energy saving, about less than a year can recover the cost of insulation sleeve.
2, the effect: to avoid the heat loss due to the heating surface, and directly reduce the temperature of the workshop, reduce the cooling system of the workshop, but also improve the working environment of the workers, to make the stability of the heater to be guaranteed, improve the quality of production efficiency products, directly reduce production costs. It can indirectly save 20%---35%.
3, the effect: Reduce the heating ring, relay starting frequency, extend the machine's heating ring, relay life, reduce failure, overcome the additional loss.

After the installation and use of energy-saving insulation sleeve, plastic machine barrel and other high-temperature equipment temperature can be reduced from 500 ℃ to less than 55 ℃, workshop temperature significantly reduced, especially in the hot summer, can greatly improve the working environment of staff, to prevent burns!

Festival for the company, has a wealth of thermal insulation, insulation, heating and other energy-saving technology and application experience.

Our goal is: To bring good economic benefits to users, short-term investment, long-term benefits. We are willing to join hands with you, for enterprises to reduce revenue and expenditure, for the green planet to make greater contributions.

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