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What role does the removable valve pipe insulation sleeve play?
- 2018-12-03-

Few yearsValve Pipe Insulation SleeveWith its wide range of excellent performance, it has attracted the attention of enterprises and consumers, and the scope of application is becoming more and more extensive. Valve insulation sleeve is based on the specific shape of the equipment and its use environment, the use of high and low temperature resistance, fire insulation materials After careful design, mapping, through the production of special processes. It is currently high-end equipment insulation materials, can be used at different temperatures, different shapes of pipes and a variety of hot and cold equipment insulation.
Removable valve insulation sleeve is used for valve insulation insulation device, play an adiabatic, energy-saving effect. Thermal insulation measures for valves are usually wound to the outside of the valve with insulation materials such as the addition of asbestos to the ribbon material, which is then bundled. This insulation material not only poor insulation performance, heat loss is serious, and can only be used once, waste materials. This new type of valve insulation sleeve can not only be reused many times, easy to disassemble and uninstall, but also has a good thermal insulation performance. Energy saving and improvement of working conditions can be achieved by using valve insulation sleeves

Serial number




Thermal conductive coefficient

0.030W/m▪K~0.045 W/m▪K±0.005 (at room temperature)


Flame Retardant Properties

Fireproof Class A-non-flammable, GB8624-2006


Resistant to high and low temperatures

High temperature resistance 1200-80 ℃, low temperature negative 200 ℃








Moisture absorption Rate

Not greater than 2%


Water repellent Rate

Not less than 98%


Application prospect of removable insulation sleeve

Removable insulation sleeve is an efficient and energy-saving production facility, because it has the characteristics of low construction cost and good insulation effect, so many agricultural producers have applied it to production. In order to minimize the cost of heating, improve efficiency, how to enhance the greenhouse insulation capacity, reduce heat loss has become almost many production workshop greenhouse users concerned about the issue. The thermal insulation performance of solar greenhouse is a comprehensive result of many factors, in addition to reasonable determination of the size of the greenhouse structure and construction materials, the selection of suitable pipe insulation sleeve materials, plastic film and so on is also very critical.

The role of removable insulation sleeve

Production Workshop pipeline insulation sleeve laid in the production workshop of the front slope, mainly used in the production workshop night insulation, so has a good insulation performance is the first requirement for the pipeline insulation sleeve. Secondly, the greenhouse pipeline insulation sleeve requires rolling up after sunrise, put down before sunset, so the corresponding insulation system is also an active roll system, so, the requirements of the pipeline insulation sleeve material must be flexible materials. Third, the solar greenhouse pipeline insulation sleeve will always be in the outdoor open-air conditions, for this reason, it is required to be windproof, waterproof, anti-aging, in order to adapt to the daily wind, rain, snow, hail and other natural climatic conditions. Then, the solar greenhouse pipeline insulation sleeve should also have a wide range of material sources, low manufacturing processing costs and market prices.

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