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What are the benefits of using an injection molding machine insulation sleeve for an injection molding machine
- 2018-12-03-

Application of Injection molding machineInjection molding Machine Insulation sleeveAfter that, the main advantages can play the role of energy saving, injection molding machine heater power supply can save 20%-60%, the overall energy savings of 5%-15%, on-site environmental Air Conditioning 50%, comprehensive view of the use of electric heating sleeve can save energy and reduce a large amount of electricity expenditure, but also for the stable use of equipment play a role.

There is material appearance, if the heater of the injection molding machine exposed to the air will be a lot of loss of heat energy, resulting in a large amount of electricity consumption, such as the use of custom size flexible electric heating sleeve/insulation sleeve/insulation cover, can reduce the loss of heat energy, electrical energy, directly reduce industrial costs, but also bring more efficient work flow.

Injection molding machine hot air temperature under the addition of flexible electric heating sleeve, can ensure a stable operating temperature, so as to reduce the bad rate of products, the life of the heater can be extended by at least two times.

Stable temperature will shorten the molding operation of the standby time, and no insulation measures in the same time compared to the injection molding machine, the obvious increase in consumption rate is very large.

The application method of electric heating sleeve:

1, if a project has a number of electric heating sleeve requirements heated to different temperatures to reach the effect, then the device temperature control box to store a number of temperature control table can not only frugal space, but also easy to operate, even daily maintenance is a lot of convenience.

2, when using to confirm that the operating voltage is in the rated value, to stop the undervoltage or overpressure.

3, Electric heating sleeve needs to be closely fitted with the heating object device, no voids, otherwise it will incur low thermal efficiency, life landing.

4, heating sleeve to stop being touched by sharp objects, to avoid leakage, part can not be violently squeezed, regular inspection has no damage.

5, if non-staff, do not touch the heating sleeve, to avoid accidental attack, should be affixed with the corresponding safety notice, abundant tips.

6, protect the power cord, do not pull hard, drag.

7, to stop self-repair, disassembly, correction of the circuit.

8, do not use, please turn off the power supply, du relative to the fire hazard.

Electric heating sleeve Intelligent temperature control system can be based on different requirements to create a variety of simple version and intelligent version, heating structure by the contact layer, heating layer, insulation layer and exterior layer composition, through the temperature control probe and intelligent temperature control system to stop temperature control, in order to adapt to different temperature needs, to reach the average stable heating effect.

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